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Error message entering advancement

@Brittanystamm - all you need is in Scoutbook -

Look at that article and there are probably a number of others there you will find useful

Brittany, there are some helpful videos here:

Going back to the first topic, I am getting a similar message regarding errors entering awards in Internet Advancement. I am getting the error message, “Update not allowed. Logged in user does not have authority to take this action for this organization”. I am currently set up as the Advancement Chair in Scoutbook and have Administrative access for our scout troop. I can enter awards in Scoutbook, but it is time consuming entering in each area of completion for a merit badge. I really would like to be able to enter awards through Internet Advancement. Any help you can provide in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Internet Advancement is restricted to Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and Advancement Chairs as specified in Organization Security Manager in Being listed as an Advancement Chair in Scoutbook is not sufficient. One of your Key 3 members will need to go into Organization Security Manager in and designate you as the Advancement Chair.

We do not recommend units use both Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. We have seen issues doing this and do not know if there are still lingering problems or not.

Can you explain further what you mean by this? There may be an easier way in Scoutbook to do what you want.

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I do have the Advancement Chair security & I have Administrative rights in Scoutbook.

I just found the “Quick Entry” option in “Scoutbook” that lets me do what I was trying to do. Up until then, I thought I had to pick “Start a merit badge” under the scout and then enter in all of the requirements individually to have the award record.

I was misunderstanding Scoutbook vs. Internet Advancement. I thought Internet Advancement was the following link: This is the Internet Advancement site that was turned off about a month ago. With this turning off, I thought there would be no issue with needing to pick one since we were down to one database. My understanding was that Scoutbook ( & Internet Advancement ( were using the same database and were just two different ways of looking at the same data. It sounds like this isn’t the case even though both start with scoutbook in their html address?

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement both use the Scoutbook database. Internet Advancement has restricted access and has limited capability, for example, it does not track partials, only final completion.

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement have not been fully tested if a unit tries to use both so we cannot say if there are remaining issues or not. Units that use Scoutbook have no need to use Internet Advancement as Internet Advancement is really a subset of Scoutbook with a different interface.

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