Error message in import

The error is continuously coming up and is not going way. I’d say it has been happening for several weeks now. It is as if the job is trying to run repeatedly. The error I see on the Import option is below. I suspect this is causing all of the issues in Internet Advancement.

T356, Council 585. BSA ID 12365676

that error shows for all

It’s more of a tool tip than an error message. Everyone sees it regardless of an upload status.

So Incognito window is best work around?

It is up for everyone. It really doesn’t go away.

This is happening in addition to an error message that is blank every time I log in. We recently had 3 boys join our troop and their advancement information was transferred over. I’m guessing that something went wrong with the import that was done. Every time I try to access their information in Internet Advancement, I get the error message of “You are not authorized to view the user advancement” and I am the Advancement Chair. I can view everyone else’s information, but not the 3 new boys. I can also access their information in Scoutbook with no issue. The problem is only in Internet Advancement which also affects my ability to run Advancement Reports when I need to pick things up at the Scout Shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need this resolved!

FYI…today I’m now getting an error message when I click on the History tab that says “An Error Occurred While Processing the Request”. I was not getting this previously and was able to view Pending and History information in Internet Advancement.

I can look into it,
I sent you a private message
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In addition to the mentioned error message, when I try to remove a scout from our final roster for recharter I am getting the error message, " batchPersonId" must be larger than or equal to 1. Can you see if this error can also be addressed? Thank you!

I will pass this along to the developers

@AyanNoor Could you provide the BSA member number of the Scout that you are trying to remove (no names please)?

Thank you for the help! Here are the two people we would like to remove from our recharter.


Both of there parents were added incorrectly. They are MB counselors and not ASM.

This will require your registrar to correct. MBC is a district position with different approvals than ASM.

@AyanNoor What is your bsa member number?