Error with new MBC message

So when someone now registers as a new leader the system creates their membership but immediatly inactivates it pending return of the cbc This is causing the your council has updated your list of MBC and you are not on it. This only happens for people not currently registerd.


talk to council on that to send in membercare ticket

@RonFedele I’m understanding. Could you clarify that a little for me?

When a new adult leader signs up for the first time the membership is automatically put on hold pending the CBC is done. The system sees that as they are no longer a MBC so it sends that message.

I guess I don’t understand why that’s an issue. If they haven’t cleared the CBC step, they shouldn’t be working as an MBC, either. Or are you saying they are a pre-existing MBC who already has a CBC?

The problem is they just submitted their application and the first thing they get is you have been dropped letter. They should not get anything until their CBC has cleared. It is very confusing for them

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Is the e-mail coming from Scoutbook? If it is a Scoutbook generated e-mail we can get that in front of the developers. If it comes from another system, a ticket needs to be opened by the Council.

it is the scoutbook email that I can edit. It just needs to have the trigger changed so new folks don’t get anything until their cbc gets completed


Thanks. I’ll let the developers know.


accepted in app manager on sunday received dropped email on monday

Thanks @RonFedele

I have reported this to the developers.

FYI… The MBC had 2 SB accounts. I have merged them.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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