Errors in downloaded MBC list

Downloaded the list have 2 MBC who do not show a MID and their SB ID is wrong

9524467 1949158 128397258
10452054 10235427 (not connected to my council) 5098953

Realy confused

next person shows with SB and MID as follows
11601834 7465932

But actual numbers seem to be
9919623 13048813

Not sure I follow @RonFedele = these you say are wrong are correct for MBC registration


SBID 9524467 had the MID removed on 12/19/20. The user has 2 SB accounts. I merged them.
SBID 10452054 had the MID removed 9/23/20. The MID you reported is the UL ID. The correct MID is 12266619 The user has 2 SB accounts. I merged them.

MID 7465932 is the correct one as it is registered. MID 13048813 has no registrations. I suggest you ask the registrar to merge these MIDs with 7465932 surviving. The user has 2 SB accounts. I have merged the accounts and set the UL ID to point to it.

the problem is the those sb numbers

that had members ids removed from them are what was showing on the downloaded council MB report but your merge fixed it

forget the second message I was bleary eyed by that time of the night

Ok downloaded the MBC report again have a group of counselors with No email when I look at there person record in Volunteer Support tool there is no attached sb account, when I search for a sb account with the sb id number it comes up blank when i search by there name I see an account but it is not assigned to my council

UserID BSAMemberID First Name Last Name Email YPTExpiryDate Units Districts ListingPreference Availability Merit Badges
9065793 114972144 6/14/2020 Muir Council Available
10857365 137109294 10/8/2020 Council Available American Business, American Heritage, Athletics, Aviation, Backpacking, Camping, Chemistry, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Cycling, Emergency Preparedness, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fishing, Geocaching, Hiking, Home Repairs, Oceanography, Rifle Shooting, Traffic Safety, Weather, Wilderness Survival
9766524 135991156 11/28/2020 Council Available Citizenship in the World, Cooking, Family Life, Personal Management
9860941 136170050 2/5/2021 Council Available Gardening, Skating
2348591 121399857 9/16/2022 Worldwide Available Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, First Aid, Personal Management, Public Speaking, Wilderness Survival
9805395 12582707 9/24/2022 Mission Peak Council Available Family Life, Insect Study
11652925 137133867 10/14/2022 Diablo Sunrise Council Available Golf
11780731 137235912 12/1/2022 Mission Peak Council Available Chemistry, Composite Materials, Energy, Engineering, Sustainability
11717909 137179552 12/4/2022 Peralta Council Available Backpacking, Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Hiking
10050690 12707852 2/25/2023 Briones Council Available Communication, Cooking, Fish and Wildlife Management, Mammal Study, Nature, Personal Management
4302323 111108297 Herms Council Available

Very confused


How do you download a merit badge counselor list?

Council admins have that access

If you are a unit-level leader, you can search from:

My Dashboard → My Units → Troop #

and scroll down to the bottom.

@edavignon @DonovanMcNeil any thoughts on the spreadsheet I uploaded I am at a total loss


I’m going to send you a private message. Look for the green dot on your avatar.

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