Event invitee issues

The “Cancel” option when editing invitees for events is behaving oddly, which resulted in us losing all RSVP info for an upcoming campout - we can manage recovering that, but guessing this is a larger issue. The “Clear” option may also not be acting as intended.

In testing, here is what I found:

  • For an event with no invitees, when I choose “Select All” for Leaders and then hit “Cancel”, it adds all of the leaders to the invitee list. Selecting them individually likewise adds those individuals when “Cancel” is hit. However, when I choose “Invitees” again, none of them are selected, and using “Set” (or “Cancel”) without making any changes results in all of them being removed again.
  • Using “Select All” selects all members of a single group (Parents, Leaders, Members, Den Chiefs) as expected. However, using “Clear” deselects all members from all groups, not just the ones for that specific group. Using “Clear” also instantly saves the invitee list rather than waiting for the user to choose “Set”.

As a side note, not necessarily a bug, but is our Troop supposed to have a “Den Chiefs” invitee group, or should that only appear for Packs?

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