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Event wont allow a parent to RSVP

I have an event with an RSVP one of the parents can not check their name. I tried as well and can not either. They are associated to the scout but are still in a pending status under their name is that why they can;t rsvp?

Check the scout’s membership. Do they have a current membership in your unit with a green shield by it? If they don’t have a membership at all, your unit dropped them at recharter.

Yes that scout does. The mom is can but the dad can’t i think its because dad did not accept the invite but i would have figured i could still do it as the leader

Yes, you should be able to. Can you check that you have a full control connection to that scout? Also, are you a unit admin?

Yea i have both controls

I wonder if there is a duplicate of the scout somehow. Perhaps you are connected to one while the other is invited to the event. Try editing the event and edit inviters. Select all scouts and save it.

Ok I did that and did select all for the parents since that is the one i am having issue with and still nothing. The only difference between that parent and all the others is he has not accepted the invitation and is in a pending status.

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