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Executive Officer Flagged

Executive officer is now flagged. Membership number 134282875.

@KeithSmith4 - that is correct as they do not have YPT are are not in a registered position.

Well it is a registered position just no YPT and no Criminal Background Check - EO/IH position will remain on roster

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Ah…understood. I know we are in the process of having a new IH since the church pastor retired and council said it was a matter of me providing the person’s address, email, phones etc absent and adult application.

Has something changed it’s was my understanding that YPT and Background check is recommended BUT not required for Executive Officer since they have no contact with the boys. Thanks.

Nothing has changed.

Ok Thanks. Why the yellow triangle with ! on the Scoutbook Roster? Will the EO still have access to Scoutbook?

Note that some Executive Officers (IH) may have a unregistered indicator next to their name because of how they are included in a unit’s registration. Even though they have an indicator, they will not be removed. We are working with the programmers to remove the indicator. Sorry for the confusion.

OK. Sorry just say William Nelson post. Thanks!

That type of exemption from YPT is no longer valid for any other position besides IH/EO. In the past, different committee positions were exempt foe that reason. I would say the exception would now better be explained as they are exempt by definition.

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