Executive officer mismatch - incorrect myscouting.org versus correct Scoutbook update

[Pack 0025]
New Birth of Freedom Council
125 Edgewood Rd
York, PA 17402

MID 122546291 is incorrect in myscouting.org roster with 2022 Executive Officer (EO) still listed after more than 1 month since new EO was added by council.

Executive Officer change is correct in Scoutbook with MID 102510192, SB UserID 2090784 with start date 4/11/2023.

Please advise next step to report correction to former EO.

my.scouting is the master data record. So, council still has work to do processing.

@StephenCoates Based on what I can see, it looks like your pack has 2 Executive Officers.

It looks like the new one was added, but your council did not end the old one. The former or new Executive Officer should be able to contact the local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to end the registration.

Our York Administrative Assistant at the council has ended the registration. This was likely a result of a recharter change from a church to Council where a New Unit Application was not required. Thank you for the guidance on responsible My.Scouting change.

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