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Experienced Scouter, new to Exploring

Hello, I’ve been active in Scouting for over 25 years, but recently stepped in to help run a Law and Government Explorer Post. I’m used to having a program with advancements and such, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Do we develop our own program from the ground up, or is there anything to start from?

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I have looked at Exploring (so good on you for helping) - the main thing for Explorers is the Career Achievement Awards - but there are a ton of things for the Law Enforcement side.

of course check out -

There is also a Guidebook to download - but I cannot recall where I found it and cannot post sense it is a pdf (reported to DEV)

Here is a folder with the various Exploring Paths that I have put together for future Scoutbook integration - if you look at the Law Enforcement folder you will see a number of options @PaulMcDonald

Looking into it, but we are not a Law Enforcement post, we are Law and Government. Still, it will be helpful!

OK - that stuff is there too - just alot less exists

There are many resources listed at the bottom of the Exploring website page for the Law Enforcement at

I’ve had the same issue as well. A ton of experience in traditional scouting but once we started a law enforcement post we were on our own. There are some resources out there if you seek them out but unfortunately there isn’t a generalized program that they all use.

Paul, You are correct the law and government program is not the same as the law enforcement program.

Law and Government

Some Resources


There are a few Merit Badge booklets, for example the citizenship, communication and public health ones that overlap and may might have something you can use.

Searching for “internship high school student” at USAJOBS returns a list of 81 federal jobs today.

For federal white-collar (General Schedule - GS) jobs standards see: List-by-Occupational-Series

Career-related Activity Topics

These activity topic ideas appear to be from a brainstorming session. Does your organization have resources? Who can teach this skill/activity?

  1. Arrange drug and alcohol awareness presentations
  2. Assist with public service projects and community events
  3. Attend meetings and participate as concerned and informed citizens in the decision-making process of public agencies.
  4. Conduct physical fitness programs.
  5. Conduct programs on drug abuse and proper nutrition
  • is a USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information to help you make healthful eating choices.
  1. Determine the career interests of Explorers and secure programs and tours.
  • Career interest survey, Exploring Guidebook (2017) pp. 21–22, 35–36, 45; definition, p, 157; recruiting, p, 117
  1. Develop community service projects
  2. Develop informational sports or recreation program for youth groups, churches, and community organizations.
  3. Discuss the qualifications, examinations, and skills needed.
  4. Improve swimming and lifesaving skills.
  5. Learn aerobic exercises for use by office workers.
  6. Learn the health and physical requirements of various law and government positions.
  7. Participate in parades and retreat ceremonies.
  8. Plan fitness, sports, and exercise programs.
  9. Plan parent/Explorer activities.
  10. Plan parents’ night programs, open houses, and family activities.
  11. Plan programs and competitions in public speaking, languages, writing, and communications.
  12. Plan programs on careers, sports, museums, interpretive centers, and history.
  13. Plan programs on first aid, safety, and personal fitness
  14. Provide recreation projects to assist the elderly or disabled, low-income, and disadvantaged people.
  15. Provide service projects for charities, churches, youth groups, and other community organizations.
  16. Review the education and training required, promotion opportunities, and benefits
  17. Review the history, structure, leadership, and mission
    of various law and government agencies.
  18. Review the variety of career opportunities offered.
  19. Secure speakers and arrange tours of city, county, state, and federal government facilities.
  20. Secure speakers on mental and emotional fitness.
  21. Seek a realistic view of careers in public and private agencies.
  22. Visit historic sites or museums.
  23. Visit local businesses, industries, unions, professional organizations, schools, and institutions.

The is room on the worksheet for posts to add their own ideas for program activity topics.

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