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Experiential training

I am working on filling out our crew’s JTE paperwork and a few of the lines say experiential training. What trainings do yall think will fall under this category? is it safe to assume any of the trainings they use for venturing advacement? I also had a scout go up to the Philmont training center and participated in one of those trainings. Thanks for yalls input.

2021 JTE Venturing Personal Growth

The 2021 JTE crew scorecard (7-31-2020) program goal (#6) is:

Personal growth: Provide opportunities for achievement and self-actualization.

  • Bronze: Crew members earn the Venturing rank.
  • Silver: Achieve Bronze, plus crew program includes at least three experiential training sessions
  • Gold: Achieve Silver level, plus the crew has members earning the Discovery, Pathfinder or Summit ranks.

Measurement note: Crew members complete the Venturing rank shortly after joining. Experiential training at meetings allows crew members to learn from hands-on experiences. The crew encourages achievement through the advanced Venturing ranks. Even when gatherings are not possible, learning experiences should include a hands-on approach.


This training does not appear to be countable because it is not at a crew meeting.

I dunno if I would read the note that way, @Bill_W. It also says “Even when gatherings are not possible, learning experiences should include a hands-on approach.” It seems like the presence of training in the crew program is the key element, not that it necessarily occurs at a crew meeting.

I thought that “experiential training” was the buzzword for what Venturers do (i.e. learn new things by having interesting adventures). If the program includes, for example, a crew trip to PTC, that seems like it would count. If the crew program includes individuals engaging in hands-on experiences (e.g. going out and taking SCUBA courses in preparation for an upcoming crew event), even if they are not at a crew meeting, it seems to me like that would also count. If the crew went to a climbing gym and practiced their climbing skills, that seems like it would count. Heck, even if they practiced their knot-tying skills in preparation for a climbing trip, I’d probably count that, too. Maybe I’m being too generic in my interpretation. Again, to me, it comes back to the idea of learning new things by doing stuff, as opposed to learning new thing by being taught stuff (i.e. classroom training).

What do your crew officers in general think this means? Do they think they had those experiential training sessions? What do they think they were? Are you convinced by their arguments? I’d be a lot more persuaded by my youth than I would by what the talking heads here (like me) think.

I just want to get a few ideas going into that discussion with the scouts so I can start mulling these over. THanks for yalls input

Venturing JTE and personal growth experimental training

One thing Venturers can learn is that it is easier to do something complex if you can break it up into separate steps. I believe the key questions for your Venturing crew officers, and in particular the program vice-president, are:

  • What training is being conducted at crew gatherings?
  • Is the training related to personal growth?
  • Is the traiing “hands-on”?
  • Is “experimental training” defined in the A.L.P.S. model, or do we define what we think “experimental training” is?

Note the gathering might be virtual instead of in person. The first task might be for the crew officers or all crew participants to define what is “hand-on” training.


This can’t possibly be that hard. What can your venturers do know that they couldn’t at the beginning of the year? Did they learn it from activities that your crew provided?

If you can make a list of three or more items to which the answer to the second question is “yes,” you win.

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Well we are a new crew started this year so we are still trying to figure stuff out.


For you and others I have updated and converted a Journey to Excellance concepts factsheet to a blog format:

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