ExpireInvalidYouthUPs error

My son is in:
Den 8
Pack 0038
First United Methodist Church-South Lyon Michigan Crossroads

Since January 12th, 2022 his Scoutbook account has been deactivated. Our Cubmaster also has one son who is having this same problem and we cannot seem to figure out the solution. Here is the error on his account:

DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 Day Lapse|Ended in the UI by User 12105288||Ended in the UI by User 12105288|

I believe his ID is 12105284.

Can you give us any info on how we can get this resolved?

@EricPhillips1 I see no registration for your scout in AKELA (membership database) - based on FN, LN, DOB in Scoutbook

If you look at Edit Profile for Scout you will see there is no BSA #

Based on what @DonovanMcNeil found, it seems like you need to coordinate with your unit to make sure that your scout gets properly registered with the council. Did you submit a new youth application to the pack?

Thanks Donovan and Charley!

Yep, I did submit the application and his account was active for a few months. I’ll reach out to them!

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