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Exploring Co-ed History (United States)

Exploring Co-ed History

In 1969, National established the Exploring Division. While the basic Exploring program established in 1959 continued, over the next couple of decades, changes did occur. As there is no clear dividing point in these changes, we’ll cover them all here. Probably one of the major changes with Exploring was it going co-ed. In 1969, girls could participate with post programs as “Explorer Participants” not members, however they had to be members of an ‘associated’ group like Girl Scouts or Camp Fire. Then in April of 1971, Explorers officially went co-ed. Girls would be admitted to posts as determined by their chartering organization. Also in 1971, the upper age of Exploring was raised to 20 from 17. By the 1990s, girls comprised about half of Explorer membership.

Sea Exploring / Sea Scout BSA history

1972- Sea Exploring (along with all other phases of Exploring) officially became coed.

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