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Exploring Post showing as STEM Scout Lab in Scoutbook

I recently helped stand up a new Engineering and Technology Exploring Post and Club in my town. In ScoutBook, the Club appears as an Exploring Club, but the Post is showing as a STEM Scouts Lab. I’m working with my council to see what’s going on, but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Have not seen that happen - perhaps council put something in wrong?

Yeah this is council - even look at your my.scouting.org - they have you as an Assistant Lab Manager

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I spoke to the lady who entered it on the phone this afternoon. She’s going to look into it.

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This is probably not unique. Scoutnet lists the STEM Labs as a type of Exploring unit even though they are not. (STEM Scout Labs are part of BSA. Exploring is part of Learning for Life, a BSA Affiliate). The access code for STEM Labs is ST, the code for Explorer Posts is EP and for Clubs is EC. This is just a guess, but If the ST code was entered when registering the post instead of EP, that could have caused the problem.

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@JeffreySchweiger, thanks for that information. I’ll reach back out to my Council and see if that’s what the issue is.

A coed program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), STEM Scouts offers a scouting experience with less emphasis on the outdoors. STEM Scouts follows the Scout Oath and Law with the goal of producing young men and women who are leaders, display confidence, realize their skills and limitations, are respectful of others’ opinions, are problem solvers in all aspects of life, look for opportunities to serve others, are good citizens and demonstrate integrity in all phases of life.

per About Stem Scouts - STEM Scouts (scouting.org)

Somewhere I found a date when Exploring was to move under BSA, however I cannot find it now, Here is what I found today.

WHAT IS EXPLORING? (as of 2017)
Exploring is Learning for Life’s career education program for young men and women in sixth grade through 20 years old.

per Exploring-Guidebook-Sept2017.800-10018.pdf

In 2918 the BSA “IT roadmap” included “coming soon” for my.Scouting Tools (MYST) and Scoutbook:

  • Learning for Life, Exploring integration into
    scout native interface.

Understanding the Churchill Plan and What It Means for Scouting - Scouting Wire : Scouting Wire, July 2020, listed “The 26 Proposed RECOMMENDATIONS Being Considered:” which included

  • Combine Sea Scouting into Exploring as an aquatic focused career path.
  • Sunset Learning for Life in-school program/curriculum.

Update: Moving Some Churchill Recommendations Forward - Scouting Wire : Scouting Wire, August 2020 stated:

The NEC also agreed that the following three recommendations will not be considered at this time:

  • Combining Sea Scouting into Exploring,
  • Ending all youth programs at the age of 18, and
  • Sunsetting the Learning for Life curriculum

In August 2020, Exploring was listed with other BSA programs in the basic position-specific training requirements for adult leaders in Position-Trained-Requirements-as-of-August-3-2020.pdf (scouting.org)

Exploring unit support is presently included in my.scouting, but the program still falls under Learning for Life.

Also, while Sea Scouting is not scheduled to be combined into Exploring, the office at National that overseas Learning for Life (including Exploring), is now double hatted for supporting “Older Youth Programs” - Sea Scouting and Venturing.

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