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External Patch Programs: National Parks, Museums, etc

I haven’t been able to find one centralized link, page, etc. that list’s external patch programs available for Scouts. I don’t mind doing the legwork to bring the best program to my boys and make it interesting but I don’t want to duplicate if it’s somewhere out there. If it’s NOT, I would love to create a Facebook page to share all the information so it’s easily accessible to everyone. National Parks have the Junior Ranger Program the boys can do when they go, but a lot also have a Patch Program. Museums, amusement parks, etc also offer it along with special Scout Days. We travel a lot so I’m researching everywhere not just here in SC. Can anyone advise me if they know of any links/sites etc? If not I’ll start a page and share and let me know of any parks, museums, etc in your area that offer this. THANKS

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The National Park Service has partnered with the BSA and now has an award for Scouts in packs (Cub Scouts) and troops (Scouts BSA):

National Park Service
Scout Ranger Program: The Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger

This program is separate from the NPS Junior Ranger program.

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Yes :slight_smile: that is what I am talking about. Some of the National Sites have separate Patch Programs in addition to the JR Ranger, and The Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger.

There are tons of additional opportunities for the boys. I’m just not seeing a centralized site or links on council or national to educate on those opportunities, unless someone can direct me.

GA: Guilford Courthouse

SC: Cowpens National Battlefield, Ninety Six Nat Historic Site, etc plus Riverbanks Zoo, Roper Mountain Science Center, etc.

TN: Dollywood, Shiloh Nat Military Park etc.

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Isn’t it a bit paradoxical though? Expecting an “external patch” to be tracked by “BSA”?

It’s the external organization’s program. And, for troops, it’s the responsibility of the PLC to give the museum/park/trail club a call and find out what they have for scouts.

Anyway, why start a FB page when you have these forums? Here’s a link for trail patches that was started on another forum. Why not just add to that one?

Or, better yet, post your lists of sites found on this thread?


I was not expecting BSA to. As per my question I was inquiring if anyone knew where a list was. Thanks I will check out the link for trail patches you provided as that is what I was looking for.

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I was pointed in the correct direction from another member. As a new leader I appreciate any information and direction I can get. For future use for everyone here is the link to the information on BSA website.

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If I remember correctly many trails were lost from the national BSA National Historic Trails list when their listings expired and were not renewed by councils.

The national list was removed for a while. It looks like it has come back.

If you have a historic trail in your council that is not listed, talk to your council Camping and Outdoor Activities chair or VP for Programs about getting them listed.

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I read your title incorrectly and missed that you were looking for a list circumscribed to national activities.
Now that our council has expanded to cover areas with some national monuments and wilderness, I’ll ask our Camping committee to look into related patch programs.

Unless I misunderstand the criteria for being a “National” trail, I know a lot of state and local trail societies in our council that would never make this list. I would encourage you to call your county and state natural resources departments and ask for maps/lists of trails and who maintains them. It’s surprising the patches that are “out there” for a willingness to hike them – not to mention some awesome pot-luck dinners for the scout willing to present a report to the society with some slides of his/her journey. :smile:


I’m compiling an excel spreadsheet. It is a work in progress.

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Will you do it in a google sheets so it can be shared with the rest of us. If you will make it editable I will be happy to add to it what I have found.

In the Houston area, Sam Houston Area Council has a patch for the San Jacinto Battlefield. There is a script that the boys read from as they go to the different parts of the battlefield and monument.


not really if you take the youth religious award as an external patch since the award is an external program

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