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Extract report that shows list of scout who have/have not a specific merit badge

Please advise. I am trying to find a way to extract information that lists scouts who have/have not a specific merit badge. For example, list scouts have/have not completed (or started) the Communication merit badge. Any help would be much appreciated.

Try the Report Builder Manager interface under My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports. I think you can construct something like that pretty easily. Note that the downward-facing carats/arrows indicate pull-down menus with options behind them.

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Just did what @CharleyHamilton recommended, and it works. Scouts listed across the top of the report, and MBs down the side. Each Scout has a completion date or a percent completed for each selected MB. Here’s how it looked for one of our patrols:

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Yes, that works for me! Thank you very much for the assistance.

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