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This forum is great! I also want everyone to know that there’s an awesome Facebook Group that I find very useful!

There’s a great community with lots of ideas and input on all sorts of topics. Especially check out the uploaded files section of that group.

For those of you who use Facebook, check it out!



Thanks for the information!

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Thank You so much! I am part of a Pack in Okinawa, Japan so we often do not have the same resources as back in the USA, so learning more from others is always great! Thanks Again!


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Woooooooow! I’ve never seen more scouting activity online than this group, it’s amazing! There are nearly 17,000 members, honestly it’s a bit overwhelming. There was post 2 days ago asking for summer time activities and in the first day it got like 140 replies. I, of course, went through all of them and jotted down a few of my favorites.

I’ve probably spent an hour or two just scrolling through stuff since last night. So many good ideas to pick up for den meetings, pack meetings, pinewood, camping, summertime, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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