"Failed to update membership... Person GUID is empty"

My fault… I was trying to track down my missing Scoutmaster Specific training that I took in-person in 2016 at my old council - it has suddenly disappeared making me untrained for my position. I was in contact with former District Training Chair from my former council and when she asked for my member ID I looked it up in Scoutbook. It took me to my.scouting and showed me 3 different numbers, only one that I recognized as the number I’ve had forever - from the old council. My new council was Primary and I thought if I temporarily changed to my old ID as Primary I might be able to see the training that was missing.

It didn’t help and now I can’t switch back to my current council and new member ID. Scoutbook lets me log in but I have no connections, no units, etc… it’s totally wiped and I can’t access anything at all.

Original Member ID: 129468210 Sam Houston Area Council 576 (currently marked primary and shouldn’t be)
Current Member ID: 136650125 Crossroads of America 160
Error: Failed to update membership. Reason: Person GUID is empty

A million thanks if you can help!

@BrennaTaylor your current registration is primary again - your training seems to match but I see no SM training - mostly cub stuff - if done in person it may have never been entered

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Thank you so much! That was fast! :trophy::fleur_de_lis:

To follow up on this, if you have your training cards from the in-person training, one of your unit Key 3 can enter the training for you in the Training Manager at my.scouting.org. One can’t update one’s own training, however.

Yes… We’ve moved twice in the last 2 years so it’s just a matter of figuring out what safe place I’ve kept them! :laughing: I know I have it somewhere! They even told us to take a picture of the cards, which I did, but that was also probably 2 phones ago. There’s always the online course, I know, but I’ve been fully trained for 5 years so it’s just crazy this is suddenly coming up!

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