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How do you handle the Family Life MB requirements for 6b. 1 through 6?
Thank you.

I’m not an MBC for this one, but one MBC I’ve worked with asked scouts to provide a statement signed by the family members at the discussion(s) attesting that each of the topics in 6b was addressed.


What @CharleyHamilton said

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I usually ask the parents to be there to verify that the discussion was held, or ask for the signed note as well.

A scout is trustworthy.
The scout will tell you if he had it. If a scout so likely to lie that you need verification then you’ve got bigger problems.

A scout-like counseling session would be to ask questions like:

  • When?
  • Who was present?
  • Was it easier/harder than you thought?
  • Would you do it again?
  • What would you do differently?

Make clear that you aren’t interested in personal details, but you want the scout to reflect on his experience so that he will be able to have more good meetings in the future.

This is the important thing that I’m counting on counselors to do with my scouts.


Thanks A

I am 100% sure this scout will be trusworthy. He already told me he didn’t complete a requirement for 2nd Class.

Your welcome. We often forget that taking a scout at his/her word is a great way to start deep conversations. Won’t happen with every scout. But hopefully it will for the scout who really needs it.

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