Family Member Log in problems

I am trying to add a grandparent as a connection to a scout’s account but whenever we try to log him n with the password provided, it says it’s invalid. I’ve tried sending new invites and it still will not let him log in. I called council and they can see him there but it shows no council for the account on their side. I do not see where I can change that but it should already be designated when I added the connection under the scout’s profile.

At one point we got the message " We thought you would like to know Mike ---- just accepted the invitation to connect with Benton ---- on Scoutbook. You can manage this connection on Benton’s Connections page." But he’s still not able to log in. I tried deleting the account and beginning anew, but the problem still remains. It shows he’s connected on Scoutbook though…


Post the Scoutbook User ID (located on the Edit Profile page below BSA Number) and we will investigate.

10024264 Benton’s user ID
no option to view user id for grandfather

This user logged in 4 days after invitation was sent. Did they forget the password? Have they tried Forgot password?

@TrishRhodes it looks like they went in and made new account with a username of everything before @ in the email.

Yes, we tried forget password, says cannot find, invalid user

Trish Rhodes
Pack #456
Rocky Mount UMC, VA

We tried that, still not working

Trish Rhodes
Pack #456
Rocky Mount UMC, VA

I did a few things to account - council should be able to reset this password

There isn’t anything council had been able to view and change. I changed him to parent/guardian instead of family member and now I see that he had the following:

Councils have tools they can use to reset passwords for BSA Member IDs in their Council. If they do not know how (the SUAC does not) they can contact the national help desk.

I transferred councils and look good on my.scouting but scoutbook shows me in the wrong council. I should be in Far East instead of Puerto Rico. How can I make the correct council, pack, kids show up?

BSA# 14031345

The Scouts Name is (removed) - BSA # 136273960, SB User id #10024264.
Him mom’s name is (removed), BSA #136273961, SB User ID #10024265.
her email is (removed)
She cannot log into Scoutbook.
My side shows she is not connected.

The Grandfather’s name is (removed). I changed him to a parent/guardian which allowed me to view his profile. His SB User id is 1265922 and shows connected but he is still unable to log in. It also shows a BSA #14046660 but he was never signed up for anything.
His email is (removed)
Although I got an email he was connected, he still cannot log in.

Council shows an additional SB user id of 12165922 that is not matched but I do not see that on my side.

Would it be best to delete all of the user id/accounts for (removed) and start afresh?
What can I do to help Melissa get logged on?


I moved this to a private message.

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