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Fate of Preview Adventures

Has anyone heard of the fate of the Yo-Yo and Protect Yourself Preview Adventures? Is Protect Yourself being phased in for Cyber Chip? Will the differences between Webelo and AOL requirements remain?

@LisaBathe - As I recall, there was supposed to be an announcement about that at this month’s national meeting. It is my understanding that the meeting will be held remotely from May 20 to 22. They’ve cut it from five days to three. I presume we’ll get an announcement before the end of the month.

I have heard Protect yourself is here to stay and will become permanent with 2021 Cub Scout changes

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I liked them, they were fun! I hope they stay and expand.

My girls (Wolf and Webelos) like the Protect Yourself Video and whatnot. The Yo-Yo one they weren’t interested in until last week. I guess getting cooped up for 9 weeks makes a yo-you a good challenge to do indoors. It seems like a blatant Duncan product placement, but pretty harmless as product placements go (like the BSA Polaris ATV one, much more expensive than a $3 yo-yo).


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