Father and Son crosslinked

Eagle Scout Dad (BSA: 8445966) registered Lion Son (14532388).

Dad is listed on our roster as a 42-year-old Lion, Son is listed as a 6-year-old Unassigned.

Reported this to Council, who bumped it to National, who seemingly created a new ID for dad (14472429)

Weeks later, Dad’s original BSA account still appears on Scoutbook as a Lion (SB user ID 12623665). Son still does not appear on Scoutbook at all.

Council registrar sent me here for help.


Committee Chair
Pack 817

@AdrienneVincent-Phoe This should be fixed.

You will need to move the Scout into his den. The recommended way is to go to the den page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to move the Scout into the den.

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