Father is connected in Scoutbook, yet didn't know he was and not sure of log in

I have a father that requested to be added to Scoutbook. His son joined our Troop last year and was in Cub Scouts before that. When I went to add him, I saw that he is already connected to his son in Scoutbook. The father said he doesn’t remember ever setting up an account when his son was in Cub Scouts, wouldn’t know what his log in might be, and does not receive emails that are sent from Scoutbook. Is there a way to disconnect the father, add him back and resend an invite to get him connected again?

His member ID is 110256739

his email is the user name - he last signed in 5/23/22 - I think his email in SB is wrong - should it end yclan.com or ycos.com @StaceyMaNamara

To be more clear @StaceyMaNamara the user name is the email I think is correct with yclan.com - just the email in scoutbook is the other

Thank you so much! I’ll pass this onto him.

@StaceyMaNamara which email is correct?>

The ycos.com is the email he uses now, but yclan.com he did use in the past. I’m waiting to hear back from him if he was able to log in with the yclan.com email.

@StaceyMaNamara OK all the emails (but the username) are now the ycos

Thank you so much!

I just heard back from him and he was able to log in and receive emails from Scoutbook. I appreciate your help!

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