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Feature request for permission slips

Good morning everyone. This is a feature request for something that has been discussed in the past with a possible alternative.

I would like to use the “permission slip” feature in the calendar for sending out required forms to parents for thing like medical forms, etc. The argument I have heard revolves around the use of storage space. I would like to recommend the permission slip feature have an option to link to existing forms stored on the BSA website. No extra storage would be used. This option would simply pull from existing documents and send them out to parents.


I “solve” this with the embedded URL feature. I have a standard “template” that I copy and paste in that has a link to our “forms” page for our troop, https://www.troop1401.org/forms, that has all of the necessary forms. One could “deep link” to something like the ABC form.

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Now is that a bank of documents your troop maintains? Are they duplicate of what BSA offers or custom? I did think about linking to the specific documents but I’m all about working smarter, not harder. :slight_smile: I thought it would be nice to have a pull down of BSA managed documents to choose from so we know they are always the latest and greatest versions.

I do still like your idea that allows a toggle for AB or ABC if required.

In our troopmaster system we can customize the permission slip and include documents & links for events if needed. I’ve taken the default permission slip tailored it to our troop needs. It will print with the event information (departure/return/etc.) and if needed I can tailor a permission slip for a specific event.

Scoutbook auto fills in the Scout, event dates, and event location. The body of the post supports custom links. The request was for toggles to include deep links to current health forms.

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