Feature Request, Menu in all screens

I would like to make a request for a feature in My.scouting. Can you please make it so the menu is available on all of the sub screens. This would make it so much easier to navigate from place to place. It is such a pain to go back to the landing screen just to go to another sub screen.


Yes! This would also be consistent with modern systems. The “go back” seems very crude as not everything seems to redraw when you get back to that point.

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Well it is so many different UXs now - I imagine they are all different teams or third parties like training module

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I guess I would for surely put up with screwy menus and poor back buttons if they have it all integrated into one system. Good point.

I made the same request just last week and put a bug in the Council’s ear to request the change be made. If we each asked our individual council’s to take this both volunteer and professional ire to BSAIT more voices from more places might just get what we want done. If I recall the reason the from page was called “legacy-dashboard” to begin with is that it was to be a stop gap whilst BSAIT worked on a cell phone app compatible API. Well the API has been out for 4 years now. Is it still “Legacy”? Well sort of…