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Female Scout turned 18(has ext) and was removed from Scoutbook

I have heard of this bug before and it just happened to one our scouts.

She received an Eagle Extension some time back, which expires 04/2021. She recently turned 18, turned in an adult app as a Unit Participant which is correct. She shows up in my.scouting.org, but she was completely removed from Scoutbook.

Any idea how to get her added back?

This has still not been fixed. I have asked for a status update.

I had this same issue. You have to have the council fix the registration. Even though mine was registrered, they still managed to put her into another unit.

Is she completly missing or is there but no longer part of your troop? I had both happen. In the end, it’s up to your local council to fix it. Push them…seriously PUSh them.


This bug was just fixed by Scoutbook.

Does anybody know how long after the bug fix will it take Scoutbook to update itself from my.scouting.org? Our Girl troop has one youth who was inadvertently signed up as an ASM during recharter at the end of Dec 2019, and showed up in SB as a ASM. I sent an e-mail to the counsel registrar during the time our counsel was closed for COVID-19. Last week the office opened and the council registrar changed the ASM to UP on Friday and that showed up in my.scouting.org during the weekend. I have been looking at SB and even this evening she does not show up as a member of the unit (either youth or adult) in the roster.


The change should have been reflected in Scoutbook within 24 hours of the change in ScoutNET. Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with details including the Scout’s BSA Member ID, your unit and council.

Thanks Ed. E-mail has been sent.
Edit - SSD-101514, received instructions on how to fix. She is NOW in the troop. She is also in a Venture Crew so that may be what happened.

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