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Filing an extension

Can you file the extension though scoutbook or does this need to be done though my.scouting? I am unable to get anything to happen though my.scouting and someone said there is a drop down on scoutbook and it can be done there. I can’t seem to find anything.

it is not Scoutbook info might be here


I guess it is this? not sure

I click on that and it goes to an error page. I know that it can’t be her age, she will be 18 at the end of July. I think I am going to have to do it the old fashioned way with paper and pen!!

so you selected her then clicked that icon?

Yes and I get an error when I do that. When I follow what the article says to do, I get page loading with the icon spinning in the middle and the page never loads.

Then I would talk to your council registrar

the best thing to do is probably ask your district and council advancement coordinators and your district executive.

Hi Samantha,

I’m not sure about the most recent announcement for Scouts who have joined recently but in the past, an extension was filed at the council level to National. We had to have our Council advancement chair file the extension.


Unless something has changed, all extensions and registration beyond the age of 18 are a manual process is what my council office told me. When I helped a young man with his paperwork for Eagle, that one took longer to process because of the manual nature (the boy was over 18). I was told that merit badges are the same though I have no personal knowledge.

Lots has changed now that the females have been allowed the extension. I talked with my council, they had no idea this was an option so I forwarded them the information. I sent an email to the help desk at National and after a few emails and about a week, they fixed something on their end and I was able to file for the 17 year old female’s extension. She has been given the date of 4/1/2021 to complete everything so it is true what the article says and it does work. I am going to assume this is also for male scouts what are joining at age 16 or 17 since they will also be given the extension.

The software is being updated very quickly as well. So what was true last year may not be now. I would suspect that they bumped the priority of such knowing they would have a huge influx of extensions.