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Finding a counselor out of council

I live on the edge of one council and are registered in the neighboring council. I am looking for a MBC and want to know if there is one in the council that I live in. The only counselors that come up are the one registered in the same council I am. Is there a way to search the council that I live in? Thank you.

Scoutbook bases the MBC search results on the unit from which the search is being conducted. Counselors can set their listing preference to Worldwide (any Scout in the BSA), Council, District(s) or Unit(s). If your unit is in Council A and you are looking for an MBC in Council B, only those that have their listing preference set to Worldwide will appear in the results.

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I assume it’s understood, but it’s always worth repeating, that the merit badge counselor list is restricted to unit leaders in Scoutbook – youth members and non-leader parents do not have access it the list.


Yes, I am the CC so I have the ability to look them up. My scout asked the SM for any recommendations from the list. They are all farther away and someone closer would be nice some times.

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One possibility is to reach out to the adjacent council, explain the situation, and see if they have any counselors who are willing to work outside of the council. Not all counselors are aware of the “worldwide” option in Scoutbook, and I at least was never asked if I wanted to work with scouts outside of the council so I’m not sure how it would get into ScoutNet that way.

There is no option in ScoutNET to store an MBC’s listing preference. The only option is Troop but since there is no way to indicate which Troop, the option doesn’t really work.

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