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First Aid Course for Webelos

In light of recent events, several of our Webelos/AOL scouts have expressed interest in earning their Emergency Preparedness award. One of the requirements is that they take a first aid course. I have not been able to find one offered locally for children under 12. They have completed First Responder. Any thoughts on where to find a course?

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That was a problem for me, as well, several years back when I was a Webelos DL. I was never able to locate a commercially-available (e.g. Red Cross) course. I would argue that any first aid course, e.g. age-appropriate portions of the Scouts BSA first aid curriculum, would count. I’m basing that on contrasting the language for the Webelos award with the language for the Venturing award at https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/emergency-preparedness/:

I’m assuming that the difference in language is intentional and it makes sense in terms of an increasing level of complexity at each scouting level:

Wolves & Bears - learn emergency skills and care for…
Webelos - take a first aid course
Scouts BSA - Earn First Aid MB or Emergency Preparedness MB
Venturing/Sea Scouting - Complete a nationally recognized first aid or wilderness first aid course

The only hitch in this interpretation is the explicit reference to ARC/ECSI/AHA instructors in the Tiger requirements. That seems like a strange deviation, given that only the Venturing/Sea Scouting level requirements explicitly reference a nationally-recognized course (which would require instructors from such an organization). Even the CERT-type requirement for Scouts BSA doesn’t explicitly require trainers from a national organization (most CERT instructors I have encountered are not nationally-certified, per se, except for those who are also instructors in another venue such as ARC).

You could try reaching out to your council advancement committee to see if they are aware of local courses that qualify. If not, try floating the idea of having Scouts BSA youth instructors or First Aid MBCs teach such a course. You might get to establish precedent. :smile:


My understanding is that this award is being sunsetted. Meaning once the supply of pins is sold out, it will no longer be available. Check with your local Scout Shop or online to make sure the pins will be available before you embark on this adventure. Also, remember that this is one of the few awards that leaders are also able to earn (albeit it with different requirements).

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My son did the cpr and first aid training on www.protrainings.com It is a very good online course. The course is free if you do not need a printed certificate, so we took a picture of our completion page. A few others in our pack have done it as well. It’s pretty long, but since we’re all out of school it is a good way to spend an afternoon.

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