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First Class Requirement 1a

Question on this requirement. The word “separate” patrol/troop activities is used here. If the troop attends a summer camp for multiple nights, pitches a tent, does a troop service project one day, a troop hike another day, participates as patrols against other troops/patrols during camps “Highland games”, can each of these count as “separate” troop/patrol activities or not as it’s during the same campout (though different days)? Looking at it, I get I can only count one of those nights towards the 10, but wondering if the other activities during the 7 nights we were at camp also can be counted as separate activities, though it was the same campout.

The intent of the requirement is to have the Scout participate with the troop over an extended period of time. I believe one week at Summer Camp is ONE activity for purposes of First Class 1A.


Yes Summer Camp is one event - there are just other activities at that one event - but it would just count as one


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