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First Class Requirement 7

Has anyone come up with a way to satisfy requirement 7a and 7b in First Class during Covid?
|7a.|Demonstrate bandages for a sprained ankle and for injuries on the head, the upper arm, and the collarbone.|

  • Transport a person from a smoke-filled room
  • Transport for at least 25 yards a person with a sprained ankle.|

video with family members for each - easy


I am echoing using a family member.

If that is not possible, say family member is in a wheelchair, I would take a verbal explanation done via video chat with Q&A.

Using a family member is the best option. I disagree with taking a verbal explanation. The requirement says demonstrate not explain. We cannot change the requirement. Even in COVID.


Agree completely. The BSA Covid FAQ shows the areas at each rank where flexibility is allowed and all of requirement 7 is not listed:


There really is not a lot wiggle room with 7a and 7b. These requirements are designed to be demonstrated.

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Totally agree- video demonstrate with family would be how I would approach this one. You potentially could possibly demonstrate using a mannequin via video link?

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