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First Class

I need some ideas on how our SPL can finish the last four requirements for First Class. We are unable to hold face to racketeering until at least May 9 and currently our charter organization is closed until further notice. We are selector a district vampires in May or June but that is up in the air as wel!.
He needs to DO the folliwing:
Discuss lashings
Build a camp gadget
Discuss an environmental issue
Track trash and garbage
Thank you for all your he!p in advance. Stay safe.

I’m a little unclear on the question. Is your SPL teaching these skills or demonstrating them for rank him/herself? Assuming your scouts have access to the 'net, you could try something like Zoom or GoToMeeting to host a live “webinar”. That would work in either case. I would work by patrols, with PLs teaching, since that might make the numbers of scouts demonstrating in each “meeting” more manageable.

If it’s just for the SPL’s First Class rank, then you could use the same methods, FaceTime, or Google Duo, or even emailed photos in some cases.

In terms of the exact nature of the demonstrations, what does your SPL think about how they should do it? Scouts could demonstrate lashings (3c) and make tripods (3d) with broom handles and boot laces, for example. The environmental issue discussion (9b) is easy to do over one of the software platforms or even a conference call line, if you have 'net access. Many libraries have electronic access to newspaper archives to research the isdue. Regarding “track trash and garbage”, are you talking about requirement 9c? That might be more difficult depending on the restrictions in your area. Many areas under so-called “stay home orders” specifically exempt outdoor activities by families (since we’re already exposed to one another) as long as you comply with the social distancing from other people.

There’s obviously a safety aspect to be considered here. For example, I am an asthmatic and considered at higher risk for complications if I contract SARS-COV-2. The scout’s family should carefully weigh any risks before going on outings. Do they have an elderly relative living with them? Someone who’s immune compromised? Other risk factors?

Above all, make sure Scouting stays fun for your youth, rather than becoming a “chore” just because we’re stuck with movement restrictions.


Ideas: Some of this (discuss) can be done with a simple phone call, skype, facetime or whatever. For a camp gadget, here is a timely idea he can do at home, he can provide you pictures of the process and final result. https://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/funstuff/156996/build-a-hand-wash-station/
Same with the track trash, he can do this work at home and provide you documentation.
Difficult time call for creative solutions.

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All of these requirements are for his First Class. In our area libraries are closed.

They do have internet

Many libraries have electronic access to more recent issues, depending on the tech level of the publication and the library. It turns out that my local library here in CA has a digital subscription to the NYT. My hometown newspaper (Times-Picayune) was available free to all online until recently, and is still available for subscribers.

I’d encourage the scout to explore the available online resources to find opportunities.

  • Discuss lashings can be done via any number of conference tools.
  • Build a camp gadget - can be done at home. It doesn’t say the gadget has to be used.
  • Discuss an environmental issue is again easily done via conferencing technology
  • Trash is a bit trickier and you may have to get creative. Luckily it can be a “scout or family outing.” Now you might ask yourself can a family have a backyard outing? And I am not helping you there.

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