First Den Chief - some bugs

We just had our first Scout become a Den Chief since the feature was added. There are some bugs

  • She is listed, on the pack roster, both as a Den Chief and as a member.
  • When opening her profile it shows AOL as her highest rank
  • It has a yellow triangle and says she must be approved in her den / pack non-Den Chief entry
  • Her Den Chief position is approved, but she doesn’t have the green shield on the roster view, but does in her detailed view.

Her BSA ID is 135874058. Thanks!

@Matt.Johnson I have a den Chief that does not seem to have those same issues. How was she added? From the troop side adding a POR? Or from the pack side searching for her? I believe I did the latter.

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I do not have the duel membership, but the green shield does not show up on the roster page. It does show up when I click on the scout though.

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I think they followed the process. 1. The troop added the Den Chief position and searched for and connected her to the pack. At that point she was pending. 2. The Pack approved her Den Chief role and selected the den.

From there, it just seems a bit “messy” in how it is displayed.

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