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First recharter

My packs first recharter is coming due at the end of the month, I’ve read the instructions, seems straightforward, my question is i have some new scouts and two parents that showed up to this weeks meeting wanting to join. i collected 12 months worth of dues, we are done for November meetings so i figure ill just put them “joining” in December, Can I put the new youth scouts to this re charter or should i wait till after and do it that way. i don’t want council asking for November dues for attending one den meeting to check it out.

thanks for any input.

just send the apps in with recharter

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so leave them off the roster on internet recharter?

i have never done recharter - but I know our committee holds apps 45-60 days before a recharter and just sends them in - maybe talk to DE

Neither have I. I bug our DE all the time, i was planning on holding the youth apps cause DE said that council would want dues for the current month also, ( not a big deal normally, just didn’t feel right charging for November when our next meeting isn’t until December. I am going to put the adults on re charter cause i need them for leadership positions.

Well TECHNICALLY the scout/scouter is registered the minute the unit has the application

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Yes true, but i had a few cases of cold feet last February that signed their kid up came to one meeting and decided it wasn’t for them so i typically have about a week or so i hold the app before i meet up with the DE to turn it in, I’m in a rural area on the edge of a large district, so I try to limit his trips for his sake.

Talk to your council and ask what they recommend.

If you wait to turn the apps in with recharter, then they won’t be registered until January. If you turn the apps in now and also include them on your recharter, then they will be registered starting in November.

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Within the recharter tool, there’s an option to add new scout’s. You still need to send the paper apps in which them. I’d do that. The risk of sending them in now is that recharter will actually remove them.

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If you submit the new apps now, but also include the new Scouts in your recharter (by adding them there), then they should be removed.

But if a council can process their apps quickly, then you can also add them by reloading the unit roster in Internet Rechartering.

Although common, holding apps for recharter is not a healthy practice. Advancement for unregistered Scouts can’t be approved in IA, nor in Scoutbook. They deserve credit for time registered as a Scout and shouldn’t have to wait on the convenience of an administrative renewal.


@KennethAdams - I agree completely that holding applications for recharter is not a healthy practice.

That being said, I’m a longtime Scouter who is coming up on to years as Cubmaster of my current pack. We have a committee member who regards the processsing of applications and rechartering to be part of her fiefdom. I really need to be in her good graces, because her two adult children went through the pack, so she’s been around for a long time, and she and the COR are our only connections to the chartered organization. Whatever she wants to control must be ceded to her. She’s the only person around with signature authority on the bank account,

This committee member thinks it’s a great strategy to hold applications until recharter. When my daughter joined the pack in October 2018, she wasn’t actually registered until early January 2019, because the rechartering was done late.

If you ever find yourself in this situation i.e. you are involved in a pack in which you have no choice but to tolerate the holdback of applications, you can nevertheless enter the Scout’s information into Scoutbook to enable to recording of advancement and attendance. If your council requires advancement reports, Scoutbook will put the names and awards earned (including ranks) of Scouts listed in Scoutbook but not on the official my.scouting roster on the advancement reports it generates.

When the application is turned in, the system will find the Scout you created in Scoutbook provided the spelling you entered is identical to the spelling the council registrar enters and the ZIP codes match. Everything you recorded in Scoutbook will still be there.

If you have a Scout in Scoutbook not on your official My.Scouting roster, the system will drop the Scout when 90 days have passed since the membership beginning date you entered. I have a Scout who moved to the area and transferred from another pack in a different council in January. I asked the leaders of his old pack to connect me to the Scout, and then I was able to add him in Scoutbook. Although my committee member has had the transfer application since January, she hasn’t yet dropped it off at or mailed it to the council service center. So, in April, the system dropped the Scout, because 90 days had passed. I added the Scout back, because I was still connected to him, and I chaged the start date of his membership in our pack to April. After that, when the 90 days was getting close, I was preemptive, I changed his start date to July and then to October. Each time I did that, I emailed the committee member who has the application asking her to mail it to the council. I’m doing everything I can to work around the application being sent to the council while keeping the Scout’s record current.

The Scout has now moved away again and is no longer participating in our pack. Should he try to transfer to another pack, it will be a real mess. I know he moved to a state outside our council’s boundaries. The state where he moved is included within the boundaries of his previous council, but we have two different councils in that state with which our council shares a border.

If your Scout isn’t set up for advancement sync because the app isn’t turned in, I don’t think you can enter advancement in Scoutbook.

I don’t believe you can Leader Approve advancement, but I think you can still mark it Complete.

Ahh… you’re correct. Thanks!

@CharleyHamilton - With respect to the Scout who transferred to my pack in January from another council, the sync icon appears next to his name. So, since we have not yet turned in the transfer application, I presume that when we mark advancement completed, approved and awarded, it is reflected on Internet Advancement in his old pack. We cannot include him in any activity logs.

We haven’t recruited any new Scouts this fall after having a great year in 2019. So, my memory may be rusty. I think I was able to approve advancement for Scouts with unsubmitted applications from the Needs Approval list but not from the Scout’s inidividual screens. That alllowed me to include Scouts the council otherwise did not know existed on advancement reports. Since I haven’t done that in about a year, I couldn’t be sure it still works. But I’m certain that last fall there were Scouts in our pack who had their Bobcat badge in their hands before the council had the application in theirs. In all cases, the Bobcat rank was included on an advancement report generated by Scoutbook.

@KennethAdams is correct regarding advancement. While it is not a large problem with a pack, in a troop you can deny a youth Eagle by a delay. If he/she earns an Eagle required merit badge before they are officially registered it does not count. When the Eagle application is validated the merit badge is thrown out.
I understand holding November until December but more than a couple of weeks is not fair to the youth. They joined now not in a couple of months.
I deal with a couple of these cases a year since we are in a large military town with transfers from out of council.

@RichardBecker5 - My same holdback committee member did that with a Scout who graduted from the pack to the troop in the same chartered organization in June 2019. He didn’t attend summer camp, and she didn’t bother turning in his transfer application until recharter at the end of the year. The troop wasn’t using Scoutbook, so no one was frustrated at not being able to enter advancement for the Scout.

I’m not involved with the troop, but if the Scout earned a merit badge in October 2019, he may later have a problem when his record shows he became a Scout in December 2019 or January 1, 2020. I believe the council registrar can backdate the transfer date, but someone needs to ask her to do that.

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