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We have started a new Girl’s Troop and will be awarding Founder’s Bars to them. I do not see a place to enter this as an award in Scoutbook. For example, the “Recruiter Strip” is identified as an award from the drop-down list of awards.

Will the Founder’s Bar be added to Scoutbook? Or am I looking in the wrong place - is it somewhere else?

Founders bar is not a recorded BSA award (never entered in the national database). It might be a creation of Supply Group. I will make note of it for developers, but it will be a low priority.

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I think the confusion arises from the listing of the Founder Bar in Awards Central and using the language “Award” in its description.


That’s too bad, as many new Troops are being founded in Scout’s BSA to bring girls into Troops. Bryan on Scouting had a post about it in February:

The Scout Shop has it listed as an item:

Isn’t it logical that a founder is someone who joins a unit in it’s first year? There should be a way to look up the year the unit started and the year that a member started in the unit. Would it be nice to have the a pretty little icon to reflect that? I guess. But I can understand why it’s not top priority.

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Founder Recognition


The Founder’s Bar is worn by all youth and adults whose names are on a new-unit charter or who officially join the new unit before the unit recharters for the first time. Members of veteran units still in operation who were on the original charter may also wear the Founder’s Bar with that unit’s numerals.

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The official name of the emblem is “Founder’s Bar”.
The Founder’s Award is an Order of the Arrow award


We have Scouts who have just crossed over from Cub Scouts to the new Troop as a Founder. When they make it to Eagle in 5 or 6 years, it would be ideal to have “Founder” tracked in Scoutbook as part of their Awards/notables list. I won’t be Advancement Chair then… but it does matter.

SUAC response (April or May 2019):
Ed D.

The founders bar is not an award. I do not envision the BSA adding support for this, at least not until all national awards are supported and other high priority items are completed.

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That brings up two interesting questions.
If you found a pack, crew, or ship, should you wear the founders’ bar on your troop uniform?

  • Pro: You’re pretty cool if you did something like that. Seeing the bar might inspire someone else to venture out and found a unit.
  • Con: Lots founders are cross-registered with other units or their district. I think they would only wear the founder’s bar on the shirt that pertains to the unit to not be confused as the founder of unit 1, when they actually founded unit 4321.

If years ago, you reactivated a crew, does that count as being a founder? (I never gave it a thought at the time.)

  • Pro: Sometimes restarting something after a 5-10 year hiatus is harder than starting for the first time.
  • Con: We had lots of fun without worrying about who was first on the charter. Going back now, when most of that first crew is scattered around the world, would inevitably lead to someone being missed.

One general comment. My scoutmaster kept track of a lot of our activities in a shoe-box. Plus there were all of the polaroid pictures that he gave the troop historian to make posters of after each trip. When I graduated, a few of those polaroid images got handed to me. Years later, they were shared with my kids, along with my handbook of signatures from my PL. There are things that will never make it into ScoutBook, but should be noted because they are important to your troop. For example, the founders of that troop were great guys. But, not because they were founders, but because they were rough and tumble and the stories of their shenanigans entertained us all. (And embarrassed the SM, a little.) Founders are important, but what scouts will want to know at ECoH’s if the candidate was the one who:

  • Started the tradition of flipping the perfect pancake … without a spatula?
  • Invented that stupid song that we can’t get out of our heads?
  • Kept the shed in perfect order … even when not QM.
  • Braided tent lines obsessively.
  • Was there for the homesick cross-over who is now a rugged JASM.
  • Etc …

Troop Historian is a position of responsibility that should demand as much time as SPL. Through that PoR, scout tenures become more than lists of awards, they becomes legends!


It is important to create and maintain it over the life of the unit. We have seen that with boy units celebrating 100 years. The use of troop historian is the best place to list the foundering members for future use.

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Not an issue for my unit. The troop was formed before our town was 7 years old. The founders would all be at least 112 years old by now but we do have a list if their names on our achievement wall. Most have city streets named after them.
If you are a member of multiple units only wear the Founders Bar when wearing the unit number it goes with.

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