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Fundraising Ideas

What is everyone doing for fundraisers besides popcorn and wreath sales? I thought this might be beneficial to discuss with the big dues increase.

My pack will be looking for ideas too, depending on how final popcorn numbers come in. I’ve heard of people doing Country Meats or a restaurant Spirit Night (everyone goes to the restaurant on a specific day and you get a cut of the sales).

Us too. Our popcorn numbers were garbage this year…

We do a ham sale at our chartering parish at Christmas and Easter each year that goes over much better, even though we get less money per sale. We’re looking for any other ideas to supplement these, though.

It’s getting difficult to compete with some of the Cub Scout Packs that essentially have full-time Popcorn Kernels… I met a mom from a local Pack that told me they were planning their storefront locations six months before the sale kick-off… Which explains why it’s so tough to book good locations before everyone is absolutely sick of popcorn!

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Our pack does an annual yard sale. We also do bake sales at elementary school soccer games in the fall. We have explored the idea of doing a spaghetti dinner with our charter organization.

Other Ideas (taken from a presentation at our recent University of Scouting):
Wreaths / Trees
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Snacks: Candy Bars / Jack Links / Trail Mix / Nuts
Flowers / Bulbs
Candles (Yankee or other)
Batteries (Interstate)Cookie Dough Kits / Pizza Kits
First Aid Kits
Fruit (Oranges, Grapefruit)
Magazine Subscriptions
Coupon Books / Calendars
Scout Cookbooks (written by scouts, not how to cook a scout!)
Reusable Shopping Bags (product plus publicity!)
Sports Ticket Sales

Service – Oriented Fundraisers:
Car Wash
Bake Sale
Old Home Day / County Fair Food Concession
Do-It-Yourself Festival: Admission, concessions, etc.
Yard Sale / Garage Sale
Clothing Drive (Savers / Epilepsy Foundation)
Gift Wrapping for Donations
Pancake Breakfast /
Collect Recyclables (cans, newspapers, ink cartridges)
Scrap Metal Collection
Christmas Tree Pickup / Disposal
Rubber Duckie Races
Raking / Yard Work / Rent-A-Scout (YPT issues!)
Flag Subscriptions (scouts raise / lower a flag in your yard
on select holidays for an annual fee)Hike – A - Thon
Restaurant Dine-To-Donate Nights
Golf / Dodgeball / Sports Tournaments
Grants from Other Organizations (Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary,
Donations from Local Businesses (sponsor a scout to
camp, sponsor a trailer, etc.)


Our pack is in NC, so our cubmaster borrowed a smoker and cooked a big batch of pulled pork barbeque. We had to collect money beforehand so we could purchase the meat, but it was a big hit.

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I am heading up our 2nd craft/vendor show at the church who charters us. We have about 40 tables and charge 25.00 a table and that right there gives us 1000.00. Add a bake sale and we sell refrsshemnts so we make enough to cover many activities for the scouts…

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Some thing my pack did back in the 80’s and 90’s was to do a bowl o thon. The Cubs would solicit donation of a set amount per pin the knocked down. Most people would donate between 1 to 5 cents per pin some would just donate a set amount of cash. This may be more difficult now as bowling allies seem to always be closing. The biggest hurdle is finding a business willing to donate time and equipment or agree to getting a percentage of the overall funds raised. I’m trying to revive this in my daughts pack now.

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