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Games Tigers Play

Reading through the requirements for Games Tigers Play, it seems like requirements 3 & 4 are pretty much the same thing. We completed all of the requirements except 4 (we are not doing 5 since COVID has stopped most sporting events). Parents are asking why they did not complete the adventure. Am I missing something?

3 making up the game is a den experience
4 is making up the game on your own and sharing

Have they done both and are both signed off

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They made up a game as a den. How I went about it is that they all came up with a game on their own and then shared it, then as a den we took ideas from each to make a den game.

Not sure if that counts, which is why I just signed off on the #3

if you feel it met the objectives of both than you would sign both.

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“Do Your Best” - if you feel they did that then good

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