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I am trying to replace the “silverware” reusable plastic /pvc type of silverware we have in our Patrol boxes. They are old and in need of replacement but have been around a long time, before my first Eagle Scout joined and I am on my 3rd Eagle!

So right now we have the separate fork knife and spoon. Thinking of going to a “spork” type???
Any thoughts on how they do holding up and how they are to eat with???

Extra thanks for links to an item :slight_smile:

TIA, Connie

All of the personal mess kit components (personal utensils, dishes, cups) are provided by each scout, so we have a wide variety of implements used.

I personally don’t like the sporks/double-ended utensils. I just find them awkward to use. I know other folks in our unit who swear by them.

I use a plastic spoon and a large sierra cup for pretty much everything unless I’m snow camping, at which point insulated dishes become valuable. I do own the plastic knife and fork to match my spoon, but I seldom end up using them, even if I do remember to bring them. Usually, if something needs cutting other than with my spoon, I bring out my pocket knife.

In terms of material, I know people who have broken the heavy-duty plastic utensils, whether single-purpose or combos/sporks. I’ve been using basically the same plastic utensils for over a decade and never broken one. Some of our scouts/leaders prefer metal utensils for durability, but personally I feel like I can’t justify the added cost vs buying and bringing an extra spoon for another $1. :^)

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Toaks long handle titanium spoon. Forks are overrated; combine this with a decent pocket knife and you’ve got kit for basecamp or trail eating. The long handle works for eating rehydrated from a bag, soup and any other food item.

Oh, and yes, you can twirl pasta with a spoon.


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The units I have belonged to always have the Scouts bring their own utensils and mess kit.

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Its so awesome how Troops do things differently. You earn a lot from other Troops. each of our Patrols have a patrol box and mess kits are included in the patrol box. Everything else is good just missing utensils.
Sound like sporks are out, Spoons are a must and knifes realy aren’t that necessary as boys have pocket knifes

thanks for all the info and EXTRA thanks to Christopher for link!

Tour flea markers and estate sales. Get a few sets of stainless steel silverware.
Scouts that want ultralight gear, can get it on their own dime.
I have a gay floral pattern set that serves me well at summer camp.
I did have a multi-tool spork. Lost it at Jambo.


You might also find some decent stuff at thrift stores or Army-Navy type stores.

Just putting it out there that Ka-Bar makes a tactical spork…

I was in four troops as an adult, none provided silverware beyond having something if a Scout forgot theirs.

NEVER use a folding pocket knife for cooking. You don’t want them eating with them for sure and cooking with them risks getting raw meat into the knife mechanism. When they cut themselves there’s a risk of a disease like salmonella.

If you must, buy this set. the BSA is out of stock but you can find it elsewhere. You can leave it on the ring to keep it as a set or take it off. The holes means you could string it all together for storage so it’s not a giant jumble each month. Being plastic you could paint the handle so you can identify troop silverware from personal.

$4 per set is about as good as you’ll find and it’s tax exempt.

If you don’t get this go to flea markets and only buy if it’s under $1 per piece. Bonus if you can buy some serving spoons in a set for less, they’re always useful and I’ve never done cooking where I needed fewer of them.


Yup, seems like each troop is a little different, which is great.
Our troop made the switch from plastic, troop-provided utensils and plates, to scout-provided mess kits about 10 years ago, and it was one of the best things we ever did. “Mess kit” can mean a lot of different things. For me personally, it means the BSA mess kit and utensil set I got when I was a scout. But for many of our scouts, it is a plastic to-go container with whatever utensils their parents don’t mind losing. In fact, we recommend that new families start out with “repurposed” gear as much as possible, and then they can decide later if they want to upgrade.

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You can get those, along with a plate and a collapsible cup at WalMart, too. I think I paid 8 or 9 bucks for two of them a couple of years ago.

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