Getting an error approving advancements

getting he above error when I approve our lion advancements. can anyone let me know what I did wrong?

@LaurenceBlount this has been reported - any details you can share on the steps to produce it will help

at first I used the Quick entry for the den. I then removed the advancements then put them in one at a time. 2 of the 5 Lions didn’t trigger the error after that, but two more have even doing the advancements one at a time. I haven’t made it to the last Lion yet

If you post the BSA IDs (no names) of the scouts who do vs don’t work, that might help with identifying the underlying issue.

I tried to add other advancements from camps and those didn’t work either. One of the two kids I was able to approve was my daughter. I am the Advancements Chair and was able to do this in June, but not using the internet advancements.


The developers are aware of this issue. The workaround is to use Scoutbook to record advancement.

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