Getting an error when trying to register

That is the error I get and it does not help me determine what needs to be fixed. I see the error in a red box at the box of the page after I enter my info. It appears when I try to digitally sign.

Something went wrongError Code: Please provide valid valueformat for [phoneCountryId], found: [null], expected: [integer], Message: Invalid Request


Usually, country code refers to the three-digit prefix on a 13-digit phone number. USA and Canada are 001, UK is 044, etc.

Are you located internationally?

No. I am local to the US. I only entered one phone number and that was for a reference that is also in the US. I entered just the ten digits and only digits.

Did you happen to set the Are you outsdie the US question to Yes?

I don not have that option. I do have country in a drop down which is set to USA.

I think I found the issue. In front of my phone number it stated null. I tried that drop down and set it to USA. I was not checking whatever had been autofilled

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The problem was that the autofilled entry for my phone number was incorrect.

Yeah, that definitely should auto-set to “USA” if the “Are you outside the US?” tickbox isn’t toggled to “Yes”.

That was a great help on your part. I only saw that my address, name, and number were correct and I did not look further.

Telephone Dialing - National Number schemes

In reference to:

“Country codes” for dialing are “1 to 3 digits” in length. The “001” may be a display or form format.

I would not call 13-digit phone numbers the usual format. There are many countries in the world with different numbering schemes.

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