Getting new scout readded (pending registration)

Hi folks, we have a scout in our Pack who joined in November, but for some reason has not been formally added to our Roster even though District/Council have had everything since November. They say they are “getting there.” I don’t want to add a new account for him - is there another workaround or way to reset the 90 day clock? I’m not getting anywhere with District/Council and it’s not really fair that this Scout/family is missing out on comms/advancement tracking.

Set the membership start date to today, then save. The grace period starts on the listed start date. A couple of days before the grace period ends, reset the date to the then-current date.

Make sure that the scout’s name, birthdate, address, council, district, etc all match what went in on the youth application. Otherwise, Scoutbook may not correctly identify the existing account and create a new one when the registrar actually gets to the paperwork.

Thanks - yeah I was trying to go do that, but couldn’t figure out how to find the existing account. Unfortunately the 90 day clock has expired - I missed that the roster wasn’t updated until the parent stopped getting emails. I don’t see the missing Scout in my connections - and I am a Pack Admin. Can I re-add him somehow?

@AndrewBurns if I had to guess the scout was added and then erased after recharter - talk to council

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