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Ghost accounts in Scoutbook. Training not showing up

I have two registered adults. One a leader and one a treasurer and they both seem to have ghost Scoutbook accounts. Both if them can’t access their acct… They’re both trained but it’s not showing up… And when I try punching in their BSA number it says the number already exists with a member and to find it and delete the other account. However I can’t locate these hidden accounts to fix the problem and get their training synched as well.

Hi Jolene,

By registered, do you mean they are on your unit’s My.Scouting roster?

If yes, then does their training show on My.Scouting Training Manager?

If yes again, then create a ticket with Scoutbook support. Email scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Explain that the adult has two Scoutbook accounts. Ask that they find the other account, remove the BSA ID# from it account, then delete it. Ask that they update the correct account with the BSA ID#. I have had best results with being very specific about what I want and in what order to do it.

  • include the adult’s name, unit, district, and council
  • include the url from the adult’s account (it includes the Scoutbook id info
  • include the BSA ID# to add to the account

If no to the above questions, then the answer may be different.

Not being able to log in may be a result of both accounts trying to use the same email. Deleting the duplicate account would fix this.

My last support ticket took 13 days to be worked, but that included Thanksgiving. Good luck.

@JoleneDyer - your post has me a bit confused. On the training side, scoutbook has not shown that for nearly a year. The training reports are at my.scouting.org. I think some clarification on each of your issues may elp guide some solutions.

How were these leaders added to Scoutbook? Have they used Switch SSO Profile (Single Sign On) to add their BSA member number on their My Account page in Scoutbook?

I’ve seen stuff like this happen before trying to add a parent connection. The person doesn’t exist anywhere in scoutbook that I can see, but I’m not able to add the parent connection because scoutbook thinks something exists. The error says something like "A user with the same email address is already …[insert what you’re trying to do here].

email scoutbook support with screenshots and info of what’s happening, including showing the email addresses, BSA numbers.
My last issue like this I reported on Nov 15, and it was fixed Nov 22

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