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Girl Den Chiefs with an all Boy Pack

We have a brother troop and a sister troop we all have 110. I have near all a brand new staff for our Pack of first time Den Leaders, most Dens have one Male and one Female Den Leader/Assistant Den Leader. At this point our Pack, 110 is all boys. Girl Troop 110 is very active and has a great Scoutmaster. I want her girls to be Den Chiefs for our Pack. I have read through many message boards but I can not find anything authoritative. My question is if I have a WEBLOS I Den with two Male Den Leaders, and all boys can we have a female Den Chief? BTY all leaders are registered with the BSA and have current YPT.

There is nothing that would prohibit you from having a female den chief, but you do need to have a registered female leader at all activities that have female participants. I think that would apply to the den chief, also. If you don’t have any female committee members in that den, I’d get one or two of the moms registered and make sure they understand the importance of them being in attendance any time the DC is.

The other thing to consider is that oftentimes the Webelos Scouts will go into the troop of their den chief because the den chief can help with that transition. Obviously, your Scouts would not get that benefit… but if there aren’t any male scouts interested, go for it.


The GTSS says “A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth.” It’s in the section titled “Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse”.

Based on that, you cannot have a female den chief with two male den leaders, unless arrangements are made for another female leader to attend the den meetings as well.

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Thank You Gentleman,

Your post answered my question. Every den has one Male Leader and one Female Leader until we get to WEBELOS. Our WEBELOS I has two Male Leaders and my AOL has two Female Leaders, so it would be easy to combine dens when the Den Cheif is helping, or have leaders swap Dens for a meeting.

Unfortunately, we do not have a good relationship with Troop 110 Boys, we tried over a dozen times to make something happen last year and it never worked out. Our AOL crossed over an all went to Troop 102. The good news is Troop 110 Girls are local, and will be a big help for the new Den Leaders.


Lone Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts can also serve as Den Chiefs. Since at least March 2018 the Den Chief position has been defined as:

A Den Chief is a Scout, Venturer or Sea Scout assisting a Cub Scout den.

Venturing and Sea Scouts are co-ed programs.

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  • How to make better use of Den Chiefs”, by Mark Ray, Scouting magazine, Nov. - Dec. 2006 issue, – refers to Den Chiefs as being male.
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