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Girl Scouting experience knot

I’m curious if it has been considered to create a Scouter square knot to acknowledge a female leader’s experience as a Girl Scout? I know it is a point of pride for the male leaders to wear their AOL and Eagle knot, but shouldn’t female leaders be able to acknowledge their participation as a Girl Scout in her youth? As they were not allowed in the BSA, shouldn’t a female leader have the opportunity to indicate that she has scouting experience in her youth as well?


There are many different Youth Organizations, and many have their own uniforms. These organizations are independent from each other. While BSA respects the practices of these other organizations, I suspect there would need to be cooperative agreements in place for one organization to recognize achievements earned under another. Given the public animosity exhibited by some of the youth organizations, in my opinion I think it would be unlikely.

Girl Scout Gold Award

A female Venturer or adult advisor may wear the Girl Scout Gold Award pin if earned in Girl Scouting. on the Venturing shirt per BSA’s Programs > Venturing > About Venturing > Uniform Guide

Now that girls are part of the Scouts BSA program, I believe this courtesy should be expanded to include wearing that award on the Scouts BSA tan uniform shirt. (if not already done).


I also coached little league and taught youth shotokan karatedo, there is no recognition beyond what i know in my heart. When i was a Girl Scout leader, they didnt allow me to wear my eagle scout medal.