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Girls and Leadership Requirements at Cub Scout Residence Camp

I was wondering what everyone has been told regarding needing a registered female leader if you are taking girls to a Cub Scout residence camp.

We have two girls going (they are sisters). Their dad has also volunteered to go and we have several registered leaders going, also (camp is under 72 hours). We are still being told we need a female registered leader. I find it odd Scouts is telling a dad hes not adequate supervision for his own daughters.

You need a register female leader for any BSA activity with female scouts, no different then den or pack meetings.

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@MichaelBergin is correct. According to the Guide to Safe Scouting, you must have at least one adult female registered leader 21+ present at every activity in which female youth are participating.

Wait until you try to reconcile the BSA’s guidance on application of no one-on-one contact when your scout is friends with another scout, and they want to have a sleepover.

ETA: I understand and support their goal (i.e. preventing abuse), but there are some interpretations that come out that appear calculated less to prevent abuse and more to protect the BSA against accusations of looking the other way.

There are no exceptions to the female leader requirement in Cub Scouts. Check with your council to see if having ANY registered female at the camp is sufficient or if your unit must provide one, especially since the father is attending.

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That’s an interesting take. I’ve never considered that it could be anything other than a requirement for the presence of a unit-level leader.

I wonder what my council will say…

What Ed said… and especially if they are sharing a campsite with a pack that will have female leaders.

Remember: Girls in Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA is a new program. It takes some time to sort out all the issues.

One big reason to have additional leadership is that one parent cannot watch two scouts for 72 hours without a break.

Please be patient and communicate.

Best practice would be two female leaders as you never know when something can happen pulling one away. Suggestion above are correct, find out who’s coming that week and combine leadership so you have multiple female leaders. While camp staff can help, night time become an issue as most staff has down time after evening activities. Also that staff member needs to be 21 plus, so they tend to have more important camp function already.