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Giving Troop Scribe Access Permission to Enter Attendance & Dues

How do I give our troop Scribe (a 17 yr old) permission to record troop meeting and event attendance? He has access to Scoutbook thru his mother but she is not a registered leader so I can’t give her admin permission.

The scout would need to be invited to connect to his account by a parent. The instructions for them to do so are here:

The scout then logs in under his own credentials (rather than the parent’s credentials) and connects.

I forgot to mention that the scout has to use the Scouting App, rather than Scoutbook proper, to take attendance. Instructions to that effect are here: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scouts-can-take-attendence/

An option, assuming that the parent doesn’t want to have emails from Scoutbook go directly to the scout (even though any such emails also get cc’d to the parent), is to use something like “parentEmail+scoutName@gmail.com” as the scout’s email address for Scoutbook. “parentEmail@gmail.com” is the parent’s current Gmail address. The “+scoutName” is treated as a tag by Gmail, and the email itself is still delivered to parentEmail@gmail.com. With the tag, the parent could even automatically filter and sort those incoming emails using Gmail’s internal features. Scoutbook sees parentEmail+scoutName@gmail.com as a different email address from parentEmail@gmail.com, and will therefore permit it as the email address for the scout’s account.

I know this works with Gmail since we used something similar for my son when he was too young to have his own email account. Something similar might work with other email providers. The parent would have to figure out whether or not their provider supports a similar scheme, if they didn’t have Gmail.

True @CharleyHamilton - BUT I believe Attendance recording is only in the Scouting APP and I do not recall which positions can do it

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Yeah, I remembered that and corrected my post above.

From https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scouts-can-take-attendence/ :

I believe troop Scribe is one of the youth positions that can use the Scouting mobile app to take attendance.

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