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Glitch in Assessment for Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA

I’ve been working on some online training today, and when I got to the assessment of the Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA, the second question kept glitching and recording my answer as the wrong answer. I tried retaking the assessment four times, and each time put in a different answer–and the program kept recording my response as the same wrong response, regardless of the actual response I had made. How can I help fix this?

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Is this the same question as indicated in this thread:

No, my problem had nothing to do with loading. I completed the online module, but the second of the two assessment questions at the end (which loaded fine), has a glitch that acts like no matter which answer is actually chosen, the computer reads the same wrong answer. So the assessment cannot be completed, and the lesson cannot end.

Sorry. I aimed you at the top of the thread, but I was actually thinking about the issue raised toward the bottom.

Can you identify which questions are giving you issues? I’m wondering if they are the same ones as in the other thread.

ETA: This is the post I meant to reference: Unable to take online trainings

I just logged in and scrolled through the scouting forum to that same thread–yes my problem was exactly the same one Zachary Fidler showed in a screen shot. The computer kept ‘thinking’ I was answering religious study (which is incorrect), regardless of the actual answer I gave.

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