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Granting ASM email access in Scoutbook

We would like to grant our ASM’s full access to Scoutbook’s email function. Wanted to know how to permit all ASM’s to be able to send Troop wide emails.

Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> Troop -> Troop Roster -> Connection Manager. Click on the ASM’s name then set at least View Profile. A View Profile connection to all Scouts is needed in order to send a message to the entire troop.

Thank you - once each ASM has a view profile for all scouts will that impact anything else? What does that do to the ASM assigned patrol, if anything?

You need to decide which connection type each ASM needs to every Scout. For an ASM assigned to a patrol, typically you would want Edit Advancement. If you only want an ASM to have Edit Advancement on Scouts in a single patrol as opposed to the entire troop, after giving them View Advancement for the Troop, go to Connection Manager on the Patrol Roster page, click the ASM’s name then click Edit Advancement.

If an ASM is a patrol admin, they will automatically have full control of all scouts in that patrol, regardless of what you do in connection manager.

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