Great Job on this - Some thoughts for next year

Even with a few hiccups probably among the best data product roll-out/update that I have seen come out of BSA. Congratulations Michaela and Donna!!!

Some things that would be helpful and some thoughts for next year

Some council have a stricter YPT requirement (mine requires a valid YPT through registration period) so a YPT valid through date that could be set by the council would be amazing

Some other required fields allowed to be set by council would also be great. The one that comes immediately to mind (though I am sure there will be some more suggestions) is email required switch

Thanks again


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For your e-mail required switch, what would you do with people who don’t have e-mail addresses?

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yeah and that would be an issue for Scoutbook as well - that is where we get the

We are actually requiring it and if they need help we will help them get a gmail account!


I would have to agree. I still have to hit “submit”, but we are all green. I really do wish they would add the option to remove the attachment. I attached a CBC to someone, realized that if I have a “manual” add like that, my charter won’t auto post, then sent the CBC to the registrar. The registrar associated the CBC with the person within 2 days. I hit refresh, they turned “green” for CBC, but the attachment remains. I even tried “removing” them from the roster. When removed, their attachment isn’t shown. I was like “ah ha!”, added them back and attachment came back!

Multipling a person was pretty easy as well.

I really liked that the developers were so “brave” and “bold” as to roll out some updates in the middle.