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Hardline RSVP and locking the event in Scoutbook?

Is there a way to have a hard-stop RSVP date put into Scoutbook?
i.e. I want all RSVP’s if you are attending by 03/30 for an event on 04/15. As it stands today, you can select whether or not you are attending up until the date of the event.

Or is there a piece of the functionality that I am missing?

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That’s been previously requested. I don’t anticipate that we will see it prior to the new calendar module being released in IA2. No date for that release has been published.

Hmm. Interesting Thanks for the follow-up.
It seems worthy of further exploration as otherwise, you end up with people RSVP’ing to events when things have already been solidified and it makes more work on the backend understanding who it may have been, etc.

I believe the only work-a-round is, at the deadline for RSVP, record who has responded, then edit the event to remove the ability to RSVP for all.

One way to record this would be to edit the invitees to only those who said yes by the deadline. I recommend making a note in the event description of what groups were invited and when the cutoff was implemented. It may save some hard feelings later on, if folks have insight that the edited invitee list was not arbitrary.

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Hmm. I think even easier than that would have each parent RSVP within the chat functionality since you then get the date timestamp in there… Not ideal, but something.

Please tell us more about IA2. Is Scoutbook and IA going to be merged into one program? When? What does it look like? Please I would love to know details to be able to pass onto my Roundtable.

I’m just another volunteer, so I don’t actually know. I’m just reading the tea leaves left out by the SUAC folks and interpreting them.

Old IA is long gone and IA2 is already here (advancements.scouting.org). There have been posts by SUAC that it will eventually replace Scoutbook (scoutbook.scouting.org).

I think it was a marketing mistake. In the end, IA2 is like Scoutbook 2 as it will be the final system.

Will there be 2 systems or is everthing being combined into Scoutbook 2.0?

I’m not privy to the roadmaps, but that would be the assumption. Time, resources, and money. Being low on money means we will be in this tradition state for a long time.

We deactivate the RSVP slider at the deadline. This, in effect, locks the RSVP status for each person. If someone needs to change their RSVP after that, they must contact the event planner, either to join in (because they are now available) or to withdraw (as they are now not available) and request a refund.

If you need a roster or to run the RSVP report, just toggle the RSVP back on, run the reports, then toggle it back off to lock again.

Hope this helps until different functionality is added.

That’s interesting. So it shows who actually RSVP’ed then?

Not when you toggle it off. All RSVP statuses disappear. But if you need that data, then toggle it back on, run an RSVP report, print it as a pdf, and you’ve got a roster.

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Belay that!!

With the recent update to have Scoutbook do the RSVP report versus the Feature Assistant, when toggled off, you can still run an RSVP report from the event.

That dog’ll hunt!

Want a broken sneak peek? Go to: https://scoutbook.scouting.org/dashboard

That is a bad link and it will not work

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