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Has anyone tried to order restricted items from Scoutshop.org?

With Shelter-in-place and virtual meetings, I just started looking into what I will do if we have to do a virtual COH and mail awards to the Scouts.

I got on Scoutshop.org and this greeted me:

Scouts BSA Scout Rank Emblem

Item: 620078


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The Scout Rank Emblem is the first rank earned in Scouts. This is a restricted item and is available only in your local council trading post or Scout Shop with required paperwork.

Anyone seen or know anything about how to handle this?

We will only have a few ranks that we can award in May, but we will have a lot of Merit Badges. Those are also listed as restricted and only available in local shops.

Would love to hear what the plans are for this…

I have answer - give me a minute

"During this time that Scout Shops are closed and a leader needs to purchase Rank advancement items, please use the following steps.

  1. Unit Leader will email in their ScoutBook Advancement report to NDCSupply.Orders@scouting.org
  2. Please include contact phone number so that the Customer Service team member can contact for payment information.
  3. Customer Service Rep will contact Unit Leader for credit card information, ship to and bill to address, and verify the correct Council along with the actual advancement needed."

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